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As an educator, I maintain Wild Sky with my own limited funds. I believe that the world needs more people who have the resources and passion to create the change they want to see. Do you support this message? Have you gained something valuable from reading this website? I could use your help! I spend many hours writing and refining content for this site. The servers to run this website cost about three hundred dollars per year, which can be a burden on my experiential educator's salary. Even a few dollars will help. Thanks for your support!
-Jeff Wagner

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This website embodies the ideas that I would love to spread to the world through other means. For years, my sister and I have talked about buying land in the Colorado mountains to start a spiritual and environmental education center. The center would house a small community of people, be capable of hosting visiting environmental education groups and spiritual retreats, and provide internships for young (or not so young) adults seeking to learn more about sustainability, activism, and spirituality. Sound like something you want to help with? Send me an email! We have a group of six people ready to jump and begin work, but we're all devoting our lives to good work that doesn't pay very much. Our biggest barrier is money to buy land and materials.