More Environmental Films

The Yes Men Fix The World

The Yes Men, a hilarious pair of actor/activists, travel the world posing as corporate representatives to make false announcements of corporate responsibility. Their hoaxes shed light on what needs to be happening in the world, but isn't. Below is the full movie - click here for a trailer.

The City Dark

Seeing a truly dark night sky is a humbling spiritual experience that is becoming rare in modern America. This is an in-depth look at what artificial light and light pollution does to our world.

King Corn

Corn is everywhere in America. It's industrial and it's huge. There's so much of it that we've even turned it into plastic, beef, and sugar. These filmmakers move to Iowa to grow some corn and follow it through American society. If you like this one, you'll also like their musical about urban farming, Truck Farm.


Edward Abbey was a controversial, iconoclastic writer who inspired a generation of wilderness lovers and environmental activists. His books, Desert Solitaire and The Monkey Wrench Gang, contributed ideas to the founding of Earth First! and major environmental movements that have been branded as "ecoterrorists". This is his story.

The Coconut Revolution

This is the story of Bougainville, an island near Papua New Guinea, whose people were outraged at the environmental destruction from a huge copper mine. So, with homemade weapons, they took on the government of Papua New Guinea and one of the biggest mining companies in the world, enduring a 7-year siege of the island. And they won.