Cashmere Roadster: Pure Folk Magic

Cashmere Roadster is Benjamin Hoffman, Jeff Wagner, and Scott Reu.

Open Doors by Cashmere Roadstar

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Open Doors (2010)
Our full-length studio album, fully remastered! 

Track list
1. The Fence
2. Tomorrow
3. Telluride
4. The Hunt
5. Open Doors
6. Wayfarer's Lullaby
7. (Train)
8. Melting Snow
9. The Lighthouse
10. Delia
11. Pickets


Benjamin Hoffman: Classical guitar, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, vocals, whistling, harmonica
Jeff Wagner: Acoustic guitar, djembe, shaker, drum kit, electric bass, vocals
Scott Reu: Acoustic guitar, vocals, hand claps

All songs written by Cashmere Roadster except Delia (Traditional, arranged by Cashmere Roadster).

The Story of Cashmere Roadster

Benjamin Hoffman called me one day in 2008 asking if I wanted to be in a band. There was a teen battle of the bands at the upcoming Boulder Creek Festival, and we were still eligible because I wouldn't turn twenty until later that summer. All we needed were two songs for the audition. We found our third member, Scott, and auditioned with acoustic guitars and a djembe. I'm sure we were the only acoustic act.

At the battle, that was made clear when they didn't know how to amplify our mountain dulcimer, classical guitar, and shaker. Undaunted, we toured the local open mic night circuit, played award lunch gigs, and released a platinum album (Open Doors). As our final farewell concert in August 2011, we staged an illegal outdoor concert at Chataqua Park in Boulder. 

For our most loyal fans (we know you're out there somewhere): The Cashmere Roadster Basement Tapes! This album is seven unreleased recordings from Cashmere Roadster! Beware, these were recorded on an iPhone on the coffee table in our rehearsal space. Some takes are very rough. Tracks one and three are new instrumentation for Telluride and The Fence (mando - guitar - drum kit), track two is a solo version of my unreleased song The Fire, and the rest are rough cuts of unreleased songs.