About Groundwork

Where do I start? Concerned young people I work with and teach ask me this question. Confronted by the tidal wave of interconnected environmental and social problems our world faces, most people don’t know which direction to move in. The more you learn, the bigger the wave seems to grow.

Through my eight years as an environmental educator, it’s clear that what our world and our natural environment need right now to move forward is simple: inspired, informed leadership. Wild Sky focuses on the intersection of leadership, mindfulness, and the desire to create a better world for the future. Part blog, part guide, I hope to share my experiences as an educator and activist and provide a path for others to follow.

  1. Information. From the small scale to the big picture, environmental and cultural information is a hot commodity controlled by people with lots of money and big political agendas. On this website, I strive to break through propaganda and myth to help answer a few questions: What is happening in the world? Why does that matter? What can I do to make an impact?
  2. Leadership. If there’s something we lack in the United States right now, it’s leadership from peer to peer to drive our forward progress. Standing out from the crowd is a tough thing to do, but the world is given to the bold.
  3. Passion. If information is the map towards a better future, leadership is the road and passion is the method of moving down that road. Nobody wants to listen to a doomsday tale about the demise of humankind. Inspiration and positivity are key.

In making this website, I do not claim to be an expert on environmental and social issues, I just hope to provide a launching point for those who would join me in fighting the good fight. Let’s change the world.